Watch Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen Talk Samsung's 'El Plato Supreme' Ad

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We know that Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen will star in Samsung's Super Bowl ad, directed by Jon Favreau. It's slated to run for a whole two minutes and is called "The Big Pitch."

Apparently, that ad will "show Rogen and Rudd on a quest to become the Next Big Thing." The fact that Samsung is continuing with that whole "Next Big Thing" thing shouldn't surprise anyone - as that's the language they've been using to pitch their smartphones to Apple fans (and others) for over a year.

Samsung has just released a teaser of sort, which features Rudd and Rogen talking about trademarked phrases with their lawyer, Saul Goodman. Or maybe it's just Bob Odenkirk.

Nah, it's totally Saul Goodman.

[h/t 9to5Google]
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