Watch Google Glass Confuse, Amaze Old People

Josh WolfordIT Management

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"It's like I'm in a different world all of the sudden! Technology just rolled over me like a big ol' steamroller!"

I'm not sure if the older subjects of this video will be running out to join the Google Glass Explorer program, but they sure are amazed by the fact that they have a computer strapped to their faces.

YouTube's The Fine Bros tackled Google Glass in the latest episode of their 'Elders React' series. After handing a pair to the elderly participants, most of them struggled to understand how to simply put on the device (do you wear it like headphones?). After they figured that part out, the struggle turned to how to command the device (oh, it's already on? where's the button?).

But with some guidance, the participants were able to execute simple Glass commands like take a picture, record a video, make a call, and so on.

And they seem genuinely impressed with the technology.

"It might be a pain in the ass to really use it."

"No, I couldn't wear it all day long, it's too uncomfortable."

"You might have an accident or two, you know, driving..."

Well, you almost had them Google. Almost.

Image via YouTube

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