Watch 5th-Graders Describe the Internet with Mind-Blowing 1995

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The internet is our telephone, our TV, shopping center, and workplace - this is all true. And a 1995 Public Service Announcement featuring a class of 5th-graders accurately predicted these things about the internet - back in 1995.

The PSA comes courtesy of students at Ray Bjork elementary school in Helena, Montana. "All the Internet possibilities mentioned in the script are today a reality. The production won a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA," says the YouTube description. Impressive then, impressive now.

These kids predict a lot of other things concerning the interwebs that we know now to be true. One young internet enthusiast is particularly partial to cats. I blame her.

Bonus points for the rapid-fire mid-90s web pages, all being accessed in Netscape:

[via ReadWriteWeb]
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