Was B.B. King Poisoned? Death Will Be Investigated As Homicide

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A new development has been declared by the Las Vegas Police Department regarding the death of blues legend B.B. King. Following the debate between the artist’s daughters and his employees, the cops have now declared that his death will be investigated as a homicide.

B.B. King died at the age of 89 on May 14 in Las Vegas. He suffered a series of strokes which could have been caused by his Type-2 diabetes. However, his daughters Karen Williams and Patty King are not convinced. They asserted that their father did not die of diabetes complications but was poisoned by two of his closest aides: his business manager LaVerne Toney and personal assistant Myron Johnson.

In an affidavit provided to The Associated Press by Patty King and Williams’ lawyer, the two claimed, “I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances.”

The LVPD previously announced that there was no active homicide investigation for B.B. King’s death. Likewise, Brent Bryson, the attorney for King’s estate also called Patty King and William’s allegations as “ridiculous.” However, a recent statement from Nevada coroner’s office confirmed that the police will be looking into foul play.

An autopsy was performed on B.B. King’s body but the results could take up to two months. Because of this, his funeral in Memphis was postponed.

Toney and Johnson both declined to discuss the accusations made by B.B. King’s daughters. But this didn’t come as a surprise to Toney who claimed that the artist’s daughters have long been attacking them with allegations.

“They’ve been making allegations all along. What’s new?” Toney said.

Bryson also seemed to have taken Toney and Johnson’s side. B.B. King’s attorney told the AP, “I hope they [King’s daughters] have a factual basis that they can demonstrate for their defamatory and libelous allegations.”

Shortly before B.B. King’s death, his daughters filed an April 29 petition which alleged that Toney blocked King’s friends from visiting him. The petition also accused Toney of taking advantage of the legend financially. Aside from taking large sums of money from his accounts, B.B. King’s daughter insisted that Toney also listed her family members on the artist’s payroll.

Additionally, a week before B.B. King passed away, his daughter Williams requested to be named as his official guardian. However, a Las Vegas judge dismissed her request retaining Toney as the authority figure over all of the artist’s affairs.

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