Walmart Glitch in Computer Causes Bargains


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For the second time in the past month, Walmart faces another glitch in the system issue.

The first problem occurred about three months ago when certain people’s food stamp cards had their spending limit lifted, accidentally, due to the glitch. As people began to arrive to obtain as many groceries as possible with their cards, the police were called to the scene to make sure an out of control uproar did not occur.

The company that had the glitch provides Walmart with food stamps, through the EBT cards. The glitch occurred because of a power outage during routine maintenance.

Although having nothing to do with EBT, another computer problem this morning interrupted normal business at Walmart, this situation taking place at

Numerous items on the company’s website were listed as $8.85 that were not supposed to be. Many of the products cost a lot more than $8.85 but were being sold for the small price this a.m. due to the glitch.

According to ABC News, The country's largest retailer was selling a 24-inch high definition Viewsonic computer monitor, an InFocus IN2124 Projector digital projectors and other products, many for $8.85. The projector is listed for $578.89 on and $579.99 on

As customers shared about the deals on social media sites like Instagram, wondering if the site was hacked, products sold out online in just hours. Walmart says that a technical error on its website erroneously led to super low prices on Nov. 6, 2013. A spokesman for Walmart said the company is still scanning the millions of items on its site to see if there are still any technical errors causing price discrepancies. Walmart assured the media that the site was not hacked.”

Walmart currently has twice as much merchandise on its website and they did last year at this time and the company has not released yet wither they will honor the orders with the incorrect prices.

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