Walking Dead Mad Men: The Advertising Agency Has More Brains Than Ever


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What happens when you mix Mad Men and The Walking Dead TV shows together? You get "Walking Dead Mad Men!"

The four minute parody of the two shows starts out much like the intro to Mad Men with a male figure falling from a skyscraper until he hits the ground by a bunch of walkers.

"Walker Don" continues to use up his secretaries but instead of sexually exploiting them he gnaws on them. Joan is still alive but has grown twice her size and shoots walkers as she shimmies down office aisles. Rick devises strategies to get back control of the office and access precious resources like the water cooler. And Carl is out poking walkers with sticks while the rest of the crew tries to envision an ad campaign focused on brains.

The YouTube video has already been viewed by over 50,000 people since it was posted yesterday.

Here are some of the comments posted under the video on YouTube:

"Rachel is a powerful assertive woman and that is so much hotter than a barbie doll body. (That said, 1:47 is still the best part of this video.)"

"OMG! Best video i have seen in a while."

"Finally my two fav shows together."

"Fuckin Carla is always gone! Ugh! That kid needs to die!!"

"GENIUS!!! Love Mad Men, it was pretty accurate character portrayal."

"I'm in love wit the red head whats her name i wanna eat her.........brains lol she hot."

Apparently the actress who portrayed Joan has a growing fan base.

What do you think of the parody?