'Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Thinks Season Finale May Have Gone Too Far [Spoiler]

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The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead has just aired and several questions on viewers’ minds were answered. The finale episode was full of gore, as expected. Aside from having some issues resolved, the finale also raised more questions that will keep fans hanging at the edge of their seats.

Last week’s episode was emotionally packed, as Carol had to kill Lizzie, and then admitted to killing the girlfriend of Tyreese, which happened in the earlier part of the fourth season.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Andrew Lincoln, who plays the shows protagonist, Rick Grimes, said that the writers for the show might have gone too far on the finale. “You will see a side of Rick that you haven’t seen before or in a place that he goes to that he’s never been before,” he said.

The finale showed Michonne, Carl, and Rick as they continue their travel to Terminus, but Joe’s group captures them. Daryl, who soon realizes who Joe is, tries his hand at helping Rick to no avail. One of the men in Joe’s group then attempts to rape Carl, causing Rick to get mad and bite Joe on his neck, which allows Michonne and Rick to kill off the rest of Joe’s men.

The next day, Rick is still in shock of the events that happened and Daryl says his apologies for following Joe. Rick accepts Daryl’s apology. The group then continues toward Terminus. Carl also confides in Michonne and tells him that he still has thoughts about murder.

Finally, Rick’s group finds their way to Terminus, a shipment-type structure with three levels that are surrounded by flowers and a fence, where they are warmly greeted. However, Rick soon notices that the people in Terminus have items that only his group could have. They attempt to escape, but are not successful, and the Terminus citizens lock them up in a rail car. With that, Rick’s group is then reunited with Maggie and Glenn’s group. Rick then says that the Terminus citizens are “screwing with the wrong people.

The rumors of someone trying to sexually assault Carl came true, and Rick biting Joe on the neck is a real shocker. Did the season finale really go too far? You decide. Meanwhile, fans will just have to wait for what’s to come in the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, which will air in October.

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