Vitamin D Deficiency May Cause Heart Disease

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Vitamin D deficiency may not seem like a serious problem, but a new study shows that it could be linked to heart disease and other severe illnesses.

Several studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiencies and heart problems may be linked, but these studies tend to lead towards the idea that the deficiency is caused by the heart problem.

A new study shows that Vitamin D deficiencies may be the cause of certain heart problems and other illnesses instead of the result.
Cardiologist Dr Monica Verdoia, of Eastern Piedmont University in Novara, Italy, said, “Present results suggest vitamin D deficiency to be the cause rather than the consequence of hardening of the arteries.”

“Although evidence of benefits with vitamin D supplementation in cardiovascular outcomes are still lacking, strategies to raise natural vitamin D should probably be advised in the prevention of cardiovascular disease,” she continued.

Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to clogged arteries, which can lead to heart disease. While the study showed an association between vitamin D levels and heart disease risk, it did not prove a direct cause-and-effect link and more studies are in progress.

Even though there are many types of Vitamin D supplements, it is very easy to get a good dose of Vitamin D by spending some time in the sunshine. Many foods such as fish, cereal and eggs also contain high amounts of Vitamin D.

According to Dr Verdoia, eating foods rich in Vitamin D such as fish, cereal and eggs and moderate exercise outdoors should be advised in healthy people as well as those with heart disease.

Vitamin D is also being studied in relation to many other diseases and illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune conditions, bone disorders and certain cancers.

Do you get enough Vitamin D?

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