My Virtual Neighbor Releases Two New Apps

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My Virtual Neighbor is a website where you can communicate with your real-world neighbors, even if you rarely see each other in person. It was started in response to a neighborhood robbery.

The site's About Us page tells its purpose:

My Virtual Neighbor is a place where you can securely meet and communicate with people who live, work etc. nearby you, share ideas, see real-time updates by them on what's happening around you, organize unifying events and perhaps most important -- keep everyone well informed on what was going on in and around their neighborhood(s).

My Virtual neighbor has an iPhone app, andjust released two new modules for that app.

The "Chilling Here" app, allows users to invite neighbors, as well as contacts on their phone; to join at local places. This gives the ability to "check in" and encourage more face-to-face time, with each other.

"I check in at local pub 3 blocks down from where I live, I could inform all my neighbors – one or all - with just one click inviting them to join me for a drink. I also have the ability to invite non My Virtual Neighbor users that are my contacts to meet up." explained Amit Mehta, Founder of theMyVirtualNeighbor site.

The "Photo Sharing" app, on the other hand, offers users a one-click upload. This will enable your neighbors to see pictures in real time and make comments

"Having recently partnered up with Crime-Stoppers, the Photo Sharing app can help reduce crime in the neighborhood. Taking pictures with your phone and sharing it in real time by uploading them to your neighborhood wall, is indeed a great way to prevent or catch criminals one's neighborhood," Mehta said.

The mobile app enables all one's neighbors to instantly find out what's happening in your area.
"Examples are maybe you see a stranger in a neighborhood, see a cool deal at a restaurant, lights are left on, see a strange vehicle never in your area, there's no end to it… you simply snap a photo with your phone, upload it to your neighborhood wall, and like magic, everyone is immediately notified to whatever you want them to be aware of," said Mehta.

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