Viral Videos: (R) Gay Marriage Speech, Course of the Force, & Moon Nazis

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A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that way.

Today’s videos feature a thin ice skating, a weatherman for the kids, and a Twisted f*****g Metal ad.

No matter your stance on the debate, you have to hand it to Rep. Maureen Walsh (R). Not only did she go against the tide of her party affiliation, but she delivered the most personal, heartfelt, and powerful speech I've seen from a politician concerning the topic of gay marriage. With a small bit of humor as well.

When you think of Star Wars nerds, the last thing you relate them to is an Olympic tradition. However, they're stealing one to conduct a cool charitable event. May the force be with you pass out from running 10 feet (hat tip to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for the joke). If you want more details about the event, Zach Walton has a nice write-up

Sarah Palin vs. Moon Nazis, these are the kind of ideas we need more of Hollywood.

Hey there bud, you're skating on...thin ice. (I'll be here all evening, folks)

One of those videos where you hate the guy in it for the first 20 seconds, then he starts to grow on you, then you laugh at his Snoop Dogg needs an umbrella for the drizzle joke at the end.

So much going wrong in this video. First, the owner didn't have the dog vaccinated for rabies and then you have a reporter getting directly in the face of a dog she doesn't know. However, I love the look of reporters when they cut away from a segment that goes awkwardly wrong.

She prefers the plastic worms used as lures on fishing poles to actual gummie worms. At least there's no sugar rush.

One of the greatest sounds you'll ever hear in nature, sounds almost unnatural.

This is Twisted f***er (Warning: NSFW - language)

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