Vimeo Launches 'Looks,' Adds Over 500 New Visual Effects to Their Enhancer Tools

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Vimeo has just gone a little Instagram and unveiled new video enhancement options to their "Enhancer" toolbox.

Adding to the already available selection of musical accompaniments for your videos, you can now add new "Looks" to your videos. Looks are described as "high quality, stylistic visual effects" and Vimeo is starting off by offerring over 500 of them.

Vimeo has partnered with visual enhancement platform Vivoom to bring you the new Looks.

Vimeo notes that the "recommended" offerings will be show an "optimal set of creative choices based on technical analysis of the user's video and social data," meaning that it will learn about you the more you use it. Hopefully, that will make the recommendations actually useful when you're deciding how to enhance your videos.

"By adding Looks, Vimeo continues to provide the tools that help people easily make better videos," said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor. "Nearly every minute you see on TV or in movies has been visually enhanced. Everyone wants the same quality as the pros, but it's out of reach for most people. Our aim is to make these types of high quality visual effects easy and accessible to everyone."

To refer to Instagram is to sell the new features short, most likely. At first, it does feel a lot like simple filters but the sheer breadth and depth of the options make Looks a powerful new tool to Vimeo-using filmmakers.

You can browse (and try out) all the new Looks today. It will be completely free to play around with for 90 days, after which things will begin to cost money. Many of the Looks show a $0.99 price tag, which is currently crossed out and labelled as FREE. For now.

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