How To Use Videos For Social Media Promotion

A study shows that people who spend time watching videos online have increased by at least 32% per year....
How To Use Videos For Social Media Promotion
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Video is one of the best tools you can include in your marketing strategy today. A study shows that people who spend time watching videos online have increased by at least 32% per year.

    On average, an individual spends at least 100 minutes watching a video in a day. That means 25 days of watching. If you are looking forward to using video for social media promotion, you should factor this when coming up with your strategy.

    Notably, there are many ways videos can be used in social media marketing. All you have to do is ensure you create quality videos for your audience. You can use an online video editor to customize and create compelling videos for posting on social media platforms.

    Grab Viewers’ Attention Early 

    When creating social media videos, you should focus more on grabbing audience attention within the first few seconds of the video. Since you have limited time on the video, you have at least 10 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention, which means you have to get right to the point.  

    Tell your viewers what the video is all about and offer solutions within the shortest time possible. Place hooks in the first seconds of your video, and don’t give your viewers that chance to scroll down.

    Only Upload Native Video Content 

    Facebook is a great place where you can interact with your customers. When creating videos for marking your products, you should share them on video instead of posting them on YouTube links. Native videos have been shown to perform better on Facebook than YouTube. Therefore it is important that you post videos on Facebook instead of posting them directly on YouTube. 

    Facebook prioritizes native uploads over external video links from platforms like YouTube. This is because native videos on Facebook autoplay while those from YouTube play manually. 

    Also, native Facebook videos play inside the platforms, unlike YouTube videos that force users to leave the platform when they want to watch the video fully.

    Share Short and Value-Oriented Videos 

    Precision and quality are a must when creating marketing videos for your social media. If you want to increase your engagement with customers on social media, you should focus more on creating short and quality videos. Videos can help you improve organic reach on search engines, attract the right attention, and increase conversions

    If you want to get the best results for social media videos, here are the time frames for different social media platforms that you should stick to:

    ●  YouTube: 2 minutes 

    ●  Facebook: 1 minute 

    ●  Instagram: 26 seconds 

    ●  Twitter: 45 seconds

    Short videos are the best for promoting your products on social media because they don’t consume much time. They deliver the message to viewers right away, and this increases conversions. When creating short videos for posting on social media platforms, you should focus more on:

    ●  Keeping your audience on track with the latest happenings

    ●  Entertaining your audience before they can move to the next page

    ●  Keeping your audience informed on topics of interest 

    Tell Your Story in a Special Way 

    If you want to sell more, then first win trust from your customers. Most customers are used to the many television adverts and cold calls from brands to buy their products. You want to stand out by telling your brand’s best story to engage more with your customers. Video allows you to share stories with your target audience and convert them if possible. 

    When you tell a story, you should focus on creating value and sticking to the goals. To make your audience feel your video and take action, you have to produce a psychological mood that brings out their emotions. Make your viewers take action at the end of the video. Here are some of the tips you can apply:

    ●  Create a bond with your customers by introducing a character they can easily relate with.

    ●  Add an angle in the short video to help you connect with the viewer. 

    ●  Create a solution to the problem and help your customers relate more to the video.

    Add Call to Action 

    The reason behind creating videos is to market your business on social networks. That said, if you want to get the most ROI from your videos, you should ensure they have clear and strong Call to Actions (CTAs) embedded in them. 

    There is no point in creating social media videos if you are not asking your customers to take action, like visiting your website or reviewing some of your best-selling products. 

    If you want to create a clear CTA, you should first recall the goals and objectives of the video. This way, it can be easy to get people to take action. For example, if your goal is to generate more leads, you should create a video that asks viewers to provide you with their contact information. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Video marketing can help if you are looking forward to increasing engagement with clients, building trust, and generating more leads and prospects for your e-commerce business.

    It is important that you focus on videos for social media marketing: Post relevant, quality, short, and customer-oriented videos to win customers. You can enforce the tips shared here if you want the best result with video marketing.

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