Video Game Tax For Oklahoma?

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Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller is concerned because he sees a lot of fat violent children. According to Fourkiller, video games rated teen, mature or adult only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board are making children violent. Also of serious concern for the representative is the way video games are making people lazy.

A proposed bill by Fourkiller, if voted in, would levy a 1% tax on games rated "teen", "mature" or "adult only". The funds raised would go towards making kids less fat and less violent. How this would be achieved exactly is not mentioned, but the "Childhood Outdoor Education Revolving Fund" and "Bullying Prevention Revolving Fund" are where the dolllars would be diverted.

Fourkiller explains the urgency of the problem:

"it being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety...[the law] shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval."

In any event, the representative seems very happy in his picture and I hope he has good luck fighting laziness and obesity. The bill would take effect July 1st of this year if it were passed. One question I would ask Fourkiller is, "why are these lazy children playing games which are rated to be only for teens and adults?". It will be interesting to see what happens with this one.

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