Video Game Characters And Their Realistic Portraits


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What if your favorite video game character was real? I know this sounds weird, but when you put video game sensibility into real life, the majority of time it is an epic fail. The best example is the Super Mario Bros movie, not only was it a terribly written movie, but it is a perfect example of what i'm talking about.

Well, Tom Rhodes from Calgary, Canada has been able to do just that thing. He created portraits of what some of the most popular video game characters of all time would look like in real life. Check out the portraits below with a brief description from Mark aboout some of them and make sure to check out his page because he has a bunch more:

Mega Man

"Or is it "Megaman", or maybe Rock Man?"

Ken and Ryu

Lara Croft

"So you wanted to play a game as a brilliant, female archaeologist, huh? Well... Knock yourself out"



"When I saw the Mario movie when I was a kid, I thought it was brilliant how they made Yoshi a realistic dinosaur. I'm still glad they did that"

Donkey Kong

"Just a gorilla with a tie. Stressed the KONG part of his name here"

Earthworm Jim

"I loved these games. Jim's creator is really cool, too"

Gordon Freeman

"Here's a drawing of how I pictured Gordon Freeman when he's walking around between trained soldiers and inter-dimensional aliens."

Duke Nukem

"Good old Duke"