Vicky Pattison: What She Might Do Since Winning "I'm A Celebrity"

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Vicky Pattison was crowned the winner of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and now some are wondering what she'll do now that the show is over.

The former Geordie Shore star fully intends to capitalize on her win, and is carefully considering all future plans.

“Right now I’m riding high. I want to make money for my family--the people who mean the most to me,” Vicky Pattison said in a post-win interview.

In addition to that right, Pattison will soon meet with ITV "about an opportunity."

“ITV wants to meet up with us and producers have apparently been falling over themselves trying to get us to sign on the dotted line… My schedule is getting busier and the things I’m doing are getting more and more important," the jungle queen explains.

She acknowledges she'll need to work on taming her rather foul language.

"I’m a bit too crude for ITV normally," she admits.

Vicky Pattison won I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! with her bad girl-turned-good tale. Voters determine the winner.

It wasn't so long ago that Vicky Pattison publicly spiraled out of control. The college educated woman even engaged in sex on Geordie Shore.

These days she's doing much better. She is pleased to know her mother is once again proud of her.

“My mum had made no secret of the fact she hated Geordie Shore. I wanted to make her proud. She said ‘Don’t have sex in the jungle and don’t say the C-word.' I stuck to her rules and look where it’s got us--Queen of the Jungle.”

Even though Vicky Pattison says she'll near to tear up the town every now and then, the reality show star she plans to stick to living a far more sedate life.

It will be interesting to learn what kind of offer ITV makes Vicky Pattison, and whether or not she accepts it.

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