Veena Malik And Husband Appeal 26-Year Blasphemy Sentence

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Bollywood actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan reportedly filed an appeal on Monday in response to a most bizarre court ruling.

Last week, the pair were hit with a 'blasphemy' conviction, for which the punishment included thousands of dollars in fees and a 26-year prison sentence.

A Pakistan court made the ruling following months of outrage over the appearance of Malik and Khan in a mock wedding where some viewers believed that the two made an unwelcome reference to the wedding of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad's daughter.

Veena Malik had admitted that she didn't expect the backlash to be so severe, expecting it to go away overnight.

However, Malik said that she and her husband had multiple criminal complaints filed against them by the time they left Pakistan.

Undeterred, the actress is fighting back in an effort to clear her name.

"[My husband and I] are very happy to see our voice has been heard in all corners of the world," said Veena. "All the leading publications from the world over have covered the issue strongly."

Not only are international news sources reporting the unusual case, but DNA reports that Amnesty International is taking up Malik's case. With multiple human rights organizations watching the case closely, Veena Malik feels very confident that her family will experience a just outcome.

More so than the accusation of blasphemy, Malik said that she feels hurt that her obedience to her faith is being called into question.

"As a Muslim, I strongly believe in the institution of Islam and [h]old the Holy Prophet PBUH and His respectable family and the Sahaba e Karam at the highest esteem and regard," said Veena Malik.

She said it was outside of her "wildest imagination" that she could ever be part of a scandal that " directly or indirectly disrespects" her religious faith.

Rather than stand down, Veena felt it was important to set a positive example and stand up to what she believed was unjust treatment.

Said Veena Malik, "I would request each and every person who believes in basic human rights to stand up and be my voice against this unfair verdict."

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