Vatican Cocaine: Drug-filled Condoms Seized in Transit to Catholic City

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In January, German customs officials at Leipzig airport seized 340 grams (12 ounces) of cocaine packed into 14 condoms that were en route to the Vatican city.


According to the New York Post, a weekly report by Bild am Sonntag shared Sunday how the shipment of cocaine was packaged in pillow cushions, addressed to the Vatican Post Office.

Officials say that the package could have been picked up by anyone in the Catholic city, which is home to 800 residents.

Since there wasn't a specified address labeled on the parcel, no one arrived to claim the narcotic. As a result, German officials were unable to arrest the intended addressee.

Authorities believed that the purchaser might have been tipped off about the interception.

The German Finance Ministry, which supervises customs, initially confirmed reports about the drug smuggle.

Whether this was an intentional drug haul or just a subliminal message to the Vatican is unclear.

However, what is evident is that the choice of packaging was quite creative-especially since the cocaine-filled condoms were being sent to a place where sex is morally forbidden.

Discovery of the shipment definitely raised serious questions, but for others, it was quite amusing.

The jokes made on Twitter made this story very laughable:

The drugs apparently had a street value worth 40,000 euros ($55,000).

Customs officials say that it was originally sent from South America. An investigation is still in progress to identify the drug traffickers.

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