Vanessa Paradis Doing Just Fine After Baby Daddy Johnny Depp Marries Amber Heard, Thank You Very Much

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Vanessa Paradis isn't worrying her little head over her baby daddy Johnny Depp's wedding Tuesday to Amber Heard, thank you very much.

The French singer and actress was out and about with her new love, Benjamin Biolay, just two days after Johnny Depp tied the knot.

Vanessa Paradis, 42, and Biolay were snapped kissing outside a Los Angeles restaurant Thursday and the twosome seemed to be happy as clams walking hand-in-hand on a beautiful California day.

The actress and Depp split in 2012 after 14 years of domestic bliss and have two children together, 15-year-old Lily-Rose and 12-year-old Jack.

Vanessa Paradis and Depp spent many years defending their choice to never marry.

He previously explained that he never felt the need to marry Vanessa Paradis because he didn't think it would change how they felt about each other.

"I never found myself needing that piece of paper," Depp said in 2010. "Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don't need somebody to say, OK you're married.

"If Vanessa wanted to get hitched, why not. But the thing is, I'd be so scared of ruining her last name. She's got such a good last name."

Vanessa once said she "felt" married to Johnny Depp, so never felt that she had to make it official.

"I love the romance of 'let's get married,' but then, when you have it so perfect … I mean, I'm more married than anybody can be – we have two kids. Maybe one day, but it's something I can really do without," Paradis once told Elle about her relationship with Depp.

Johnny Depp is reportedly planning to hold a larger wedding ceremony for close friends and family on his private island in the Bahamas this weekend.

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