Vanessa Minnillo Is "Even Sexier" As A Mom, Says Nick Lachey

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Vanessa Minnillo and hubs Nick Lachey are on the June cover of Parents Magazine along with their son, Camden, and the couple talk about what raising a child means for them. For Nick, it means seeing his wife in a whole new light.

"My wife's maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality. It's definitely made her even sexier," he said.

The busy duo say they have thoroughly enjoyed taking on parenthood, but they have to make time just for themselves, too, which means keeping Camden on a strict bedtime so they can wind down for the day.

"We put on some music or a favorite TV show, pour a glass of wine, have dinner—that's our 'alone time'. That's why it was so important to us to establish Camden's sleep schedule right out of the gate. I had six different moms telling me, 'Get him on a routine; you will thank yourself later'," Minnillo said.

As far as having more little ones in the future, Nick hinted that it's not out of the realm of possibility, saying that one of the most important lessons he can teach his son is respect for women...including any future female siblings.

"To respect all women. Including his mother and his sister, if he ever has one. But if he's anything like me, he'll be an emotional sap, and falling in love will probably happen way too easily for him. And then he'll get his heart broken more than a few times," Lachey said.

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