Valerie Harper In Good Spirits In Spite Of Cancer


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A little over a year ago, Valerie Harper told the world she was battling brain cancer. When she revealed her diagnosis, she also informed everyone that doctors had only given her a year to live and she would likely not make it to see Easter 2014.

Harper recently appeared on the Today Show where she told everyone that she does still have brain cancer and it is terminal, but she is currently feeling well and is focused on living her life to the fullest.

"I was supposed to be gone before last Easter," she said. "But when you say 'supposed to be,' the doctors just give their best guesstimate. What I have is incurable and terminal, but guess what? Not today.”

"I'm doing very well," Harper continued. "The treatment that my doctors at Cedars-Sinai have me on is working, and I'm doing acupuncture and herbal tea."

Harper is even feeling well enough to work and she has some big things planned for the near future, including a two-episode guest spot on the television show Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Harper knows a thing or two about television shows, she starred opposite of Mary Tyler Moore on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and even got her own spin-off, Rhoda.

Harper and Mary are still close friends and Harper says that she talks with her often and that Mary has been helpful and caring since hearing of Harper’s diagnosis. The two friends hope to spend more time together.

Harper seemed upbeat and happy and her positive attitude is likely one of the reasons she is responding so well to her treatment and feeling so good.

"Whenever I go, that's when I'm supposed to go, like all of us," she said. "But live the moment."

Are you surprised to see Valerie Harper doing so well?

Image via Wikimedia Commons