Valentine's Day - Romantic Dinner Ideas

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Thinking about staying home for Valentine's Day? Are you looking to save money or maybe just don't want to fight the traffic and long lines for restaurants? Don't feel bad, cooking a meal at home for Valentine's Day can be better than enjoying one in a restaurant, because it is more thoughtful and possibly better tasting. If you aren't sure what to make, consider some of these romantic dinner ideas.

Start your meal off right with some appetizers. For many people, appetizers are intimidating, but you don't have to make them difficult to make them good. Serve a simple tossed salad or a light soup. Consider the entrée you plan to serve and choose an appetizer that will compliment it. Breads with vegetable spreads or flavored butters are a great option and work well with any meal.

Steak, seafood, chicken and pasta all make great Valentine's Day dinner entrees and if you prepare them right, your date will be delighted. If you really want things to become romantic later in the evening, it is best to avoid garlic or other strong spices and flavors. For pastas, thinner, more delicate sauces are best. Grill your meats if possible to make them lighter and don't be afraid to serve a few vegetables with your main course.

Something about chocolate on Valentine's Day just screams romance. Finish your romantic dinner with some decadent chocolate cake, brownies, cookies or pie. You can't really pick the wrong thing when it comes to dessert. If you don't have time to make the dessert yourself, check out the bakery at your local grocery store. You can find a variety of Valentine's Day themed desserts and treats that will leave your lips tasting sweet.

Champagne and wine are popular companions for most romantic dinners and if you do choose to serve these beverages, make sure you pair them well with your entrée. You an find wine pairing apps and websites that are easy to use and will ensure your entire meal flows well. Don't feel obligated to serve alcohol. Sodas, tea, lemonade and other beverages are perfectly acceptable. Sparking fruit juices are a great alternative to champagne and work well with almost any meal.

Table Setting
Don't just let your food do the talking, set the mood with a romantic table setting. Buy a nice red or pink tablecloth and bouquet of flowers for a centerpiece. Get out the good china and crystal stemware and make the dinner seem fancy. This will make it more romantic for both of you and will set the mood for the entire evening. You went to all that trouble preparing amazing food, show it off with a pretty table setting.

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