Valentine's Day: A Gift Guide for Your Love

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Valentine's Day definitely means big business for flower shops, but sometimes it's nice to go beyond the traditional--or even in addition to it--and find the perfect gift for that special someone. And then there are the guys. Guys don't necessarily want flowers for Valentine's Day. Check out some of the following ideas and see if something strikes your fancy as the perfect Valentine's gift for the person you love.

Since most women's wardrobes feature classic staples in black, almost anything complements the color and style. This makes it so easy it's stupid when buying a trendy or classic top. A mohair sweater, a cashmere cardigan, or a silk blend shirt in a bright print or hue will all jazz up basic black beyond her wildest dreams.

Wrap dresses are very popular this year and are flattering to every body type. Your lady won't think you're trying to dress her up like a young, sexy 25-year-old when she's 43 and 20 pounds overweight. It's a no-brainer. Plus they're easy to find. Almost every decent department store or clothing line features a wrap dress.

If you're not brave enough to buy clothing, consider something trendy to complement clothing instead. Scarves are big right now and if you buy one in silk or with a haute couture moniker attached to it, she will wear it for years to come. Jewelry, of course, is a very popular option, but can be a tricky one, too. Anything remotely resembling an engagement ring can spell big trouble for the guy who isn't ready to take that plunge. Stick with necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Pins have made a comeback, too, and are especially trendy when purchased in a vintage or antiques shop.

Rich leather handbags speak volumes to most women, as do small, chic bags they can carry for evenings on the town. As with the scarves the make and/or model are of imperative consideration here. Stick with real leather or a popular name brand. Coach or Dooney & Bourke are usually safe bets.

As for the gentlemen--ladies actually have a more difficult time shopping for Valentine's Day than they do. Guys do have those roses to fall back on, but not all guys would be thrilled to receive a dozen roses for Valentine's Day. So ladies, check out one of these ideas.

Beyond the obvious gifts of cologne or sexy lingerie that you wear for him, consider luxe pajamas. Not many guys go beyond the typical flannel or knit pajama pants when buying for themselves, so consider a designer pair made of something soft and comfortable. If his laptop goes everywhere he does, consider a nice leather case.

Don't negate "His & Hers" options for Valentine's Day gifts either. A weekend away, a couple's massage or tickets to an event you'll both enjoy make perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

Now that you're armed and ready with several options, it's important to note that time is of the essence. Valentine's Day is February 14th. So get shopping.

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