Utah Church Shooting Leaves Victim in Critical Condition


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A 35-year-old man walked into an Ogden, Utah church on Sunday and shot his father-in-law in the back of the head.

According to the Ogden Police Department, Charles Richard Jennings, Jr. has been arrested for the attack, which took place during a Sunday mass at St. James Catholic Church in Ogden. After firing on the victim, Jennings stole a truck, but ran out of gas trying to escape on I-84. He was arrested there without incident. He has been charged with attempted aggravated criminal homicide and aggravated robbery.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, and is in critical, yet stable, condition. No other parishoners were hurt during the shooting, though the Associated Press has reported the single gunshot scared church-goers, who dove to the floor. Police do not believe the attack was a random act of violence, and believe it to be domestic violence-related.