Using Cellphones to Lie and Cheat [Infographic]

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This next infographic comes to us from Online-Education.Net and it reveals some pretty interesting facts about deception and cellphones. Since almost everybody, including young children, has a cellphone now, it is a more relevant topic than ever.

What's going on with cellphones that make us so prone to cheat using them? For one thing, there's no face to face contact. Yes, you can tell a lot from body language. When people lie, you can see it in their eyes and posture. With texting and cellphone however, you can just say what you have to say without being seen.

To take it even further, if you're really nervous about what needs to be said, send it in a text. The cellphone is a priceless invention. They could have called it the 'lying machine'.
Regardless, cellphones have facilitated some very interesting trends.

Take a look at this graphic and consider your own behavior. Has the cellphone changed the way you interact with people? Does it cause you to be more deceptive in what you tell your friends and family? Hmmmmm:

Do cell phones lead to increased lying and cheating?
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