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How to Use Facebook’s Messenger Ads to Grow Your Business

There’s no doubting the power social media has to help businesses expand their reach, and so far, no social media platform can compete with Facebook. One survey revealed that as of June 2017, Ma...
How to Use Facebook’s Messenger Ads to Grow Your Business
Written by Staff
  • There’s no doubting the power social media has to help businesses expand their reach, and so far, no social media platform can compete with Facebook.

    One survey revealed that as of June 2017, Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has more than two billion monthly users. Facebook’s closest competitor is YouTube at 1.5 billion. Meanwhile, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger each boast 1.2 billion users.

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    While Facebook is a virtual goldmine of prospects, using it to promote your business means that you’ll be competing with millions of fellow advertisers. Luckily, Facebook’s Messenger Ads can help you better target potential clients and grow your business.

    Quick Guide to the Different Facebook Messenger Ads

    Messenger Ads are Facebook’s latest advertising feature that lets users start a text conversation with a business whose ads caught their interest. The conversation is initiated with just a simple click of a button. Facebook is currently offering two primary types of Messenger ads – destination ads and sponsored messages.

    Destination Ads: Also referred to as Newsfeed Messenger ads, appears in your newsfeed like a normal ad. But instead of the usual “Shop Now” call-to-action, the Facebook user will see “Send Message.” This type of ad is popular because it engages potential clients without directly telling them they have to buy something. This comes off as less intrusive, especially to users who were not already aware of the brand.

    Sponsored Messages: With this type of ad, companies can deliver specially crafted messages straight to the inbox of users who have already messaged them. It’s a wonderful tool for re-targeting leads and re-engaging those who have already interacted with your brand. Aside from minimizing the risk of messages bouncing back, this type of ad is a great way to stay connected to people who are likely to use or purchase your product.

    Facebook is also offering Home Section ads. This type of Messenger ad appears directly in the user’s Messenger home dashboard. It gives companies another chance to expand the reach of their newsfeed ads while utilizing conventional CTA choices.

    How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads to Grow Your Business

    The new Facebook Messenger ads are a great way to expand your bottom line. But the trick is knowing what strategy to use so that your marketing campaign will be effective.

    1. Start a Conversation with Messenger Destination Ads

    If you want to acquire leads and streamline customer acquisition, then a destination ad is a great way to start. With this type of ad, a prospective client is engaged in a conversation with the company instead of being directed to a landing or Facebook page.

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    Destination ads are perfect for getting people interested in knowing more about your product or services without them having to provide personal information or scheduling an appointment. And on your end, you get to qualify prospects quickly instead of wasting time attempting to get them into your funnel. The goal here is to narrow down your option to people who are more likely to convert.

    1. Engage With People Who Have Already Shown Interest

    Sponsored Messenger ads are one of Facebook’s best advertising options. As previously mentioned, this type of ad allows you to send a message straight to the user’s inbox. However, this user should have engaged with you first. This is great for several reasons. One, you don’t have to worry about initiating a call-to-action or wait for them to accept your message because they have already made the first move. Second, these users are likely already aware of, or are interested in your brand. You can easily push them down the funnel and begin the process of getting them to convert on your offer.

    1. Integrate Messenger Ads with Chatbots to Generate Leads

    Chatbot integration is a vital marketing component used in Facebook Messenger. This feature allows brands to automate their messages based on specific questions or comments users might type when they tap on the “Send Message” button.

    There are several approaches that can be used to integrate bots with Messenger ads, like Live Chat and Content + Follow-up. The Live Chat approach would see the Bot asking questions that demand specific responses. This allows the company to screen and check for quality leads before a live agent can start a conversation. In the second approach, the bot flow will promote useful content before following it up with a unique offer. This introduces value, engages your customer and creates a strong impression of your brand.

    Facebook Messenger ads can give your business a novel and effective way of reaching customers. The personalized interactions and customized messages can help your company begin real conversations with leads that have higher chances of being converted.

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