Upcoming inFamous: Second Son Update Includes Frame Rate Cap Option


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Sucker Punch came out of the gate swinging with inFamous: Second Son. The PS4 exclusive has already sold through a million copies and is easily the prettiest game on Sony's new console. While it's certainly an amazing game, there are a few things that bug players. With the next update, Sucker Punch is addressing some small problems as well as adding a number of new features that will surely please fans.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch announced that it was adding three new features to inFamous: Second Son in the next update. The first is a 30FPS cap that will lock the game's previously unlocked framerate at 30FPS. While the unlocked framerate meant that the game would mostly stay at 60FPS, it would sometimes dip during action heavy sequences. With the cap, players will no longer have to deal with visible frame drops and enjoy a smooth experience.

The second update will allow players to turn off the game's HUD. While it's generally wise to keep the HUD on during gameplay, the option will be for those who want to use the PS4's Share feature to take screenshots of the admittedly beautiful game. Without a HUD getting in the way, screenshots will look even better.

The final major update will allow players to change the time of day after they have completed the main story. This is actually pretty good news as the game's visuals really shine at night with the neon power equipped. You'll also be able to make it evening to take some beautiful screenshots of the setting sun.

Beyond these three features, Sucker Punch says the next update will include bug fixes for key bugs. The developer revealed that it might sneak in a few secrets here or there for players to discover as well.

So, when can inFamous: Second Son players expect to see the above features added to the game? Sucker Punch says the earliest it can have the update out is in two weeks, but it's obviously not holding itself to that. It will provide a second update for when a date for the patch is set in stone.

Image via PlayStation Blog