United Nations Web Site Hacked, Vulnerabilities Exposed

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The Web site hacking and dumping of info will not stop - next up is the United Nations.

A hacker going by the handle Casi dumped information from the United Nations Web site yesterday that contained many vulnerabilities that other hackers could use to get inside the UN’s database to cause some real damage.

I guess the question here is why did Casi hack the UN? Well, he tells us himself:

I fuck actually system... I fighting for Internet Freedom, equiality & rights for all. You're FREEDOM my brothers & my sisters ! <3

What does it mean? I don’t know, but it must have been a pretty good reason to expose almost every weakness currently in the UN’s database.

Similarly, the reason behind listing the vulnerabilities is just as cryptic:

I give vulnerabilities because it's fucking asshole ! We are FREEDOm !

We are clearly dealing with a criminal mastermind here, or maybe not according to Aaron Titus, Chief Privacy Officer for Identity Finder. Speaking to Fox News’ New York affiliate, he said that the breach was a “very simple attack” and that the UN “could have prevented this very easily and should have prevented it.”

So it seems that the UN just has bad cyber security. It must be embarrassing for the them to be hacked by such a basic SQL injection attack.

Passwords were not exposed, but the real danger lies in what other hackers can do with the information. Identity Finder has reached out to the UN to alert them of the potential danger, but the organization has not replied.

With all these hacks, it’s just a matter of time until every governmental organization’s Web site is laid bare for the world to see. I personally can’t wait to see the database for the White House’s Web site. It must be so scandalous, probably full of photos of the President's pet.