Uninsured Americans Still Having Negative Experiences With Healthcare Website


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If it hadn't been for the government shutdown that coincided with the launch of the Healthcare.gov website, the site's messy rollout would have been the largest political story of 2013. Americans flooded the site in its first weeks of availability only to see technical glitches if they could even access it at all.

Eventually the Obama administration was able to get a handle on the technical issues, declaring that the site should be fully-functioning by December. Though the website has improved and over one million Americans have signed up for health coverage through the site, it seems that those needing the site most are still struggling against it.

A new Gallup poll out today shows that uninsured Americans are still having mostly negative interactions with the Healthcare.gov website. Around 450 uninsured Americans who visited the site were surveyed in December by Gallup, with 59% saying their experience using the website was either negative or very negative. Only 39% of those same uninsured Americans were able to call their experience with the website positive or very positive.

Though these numbers suggest that the Healthcare.gov website is still giving Americans trouble, experiences with the site have improved since the website launched. The 59% of uninsured who had negative experiences with the site is a marginal improvement from the 63% who had overall negative experiences with the site in October and November.

According to Gallup, just over one-quarter of uninsured Americans have now visited the Healthcare.gov website. That would leave around half of uninsured Americans still needing to visit the site or face the fines that the last quarter of uninsured Americans say they intend to pay rather than get health insurance.