UConn’s Roscoe Smith Doesn't Understand Buzzer-Beaters

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Once was bad enough, but twice... are you kidding me?

Connecticut sophomore, Roscoe Smith, came up witha loose ball near the end of the first half of Thursday's NCAA tournament game against Iowa State and heaved the ball from half-court in buzzer beater fashion. Sure, this may sound like typical March Madness behavior, you know a place where buzzer-beaters are the norm... but the issue is there were 4 seconds left on the clock. Check out the video for yourself below:

If the name Roscoe Smith sounds familiar, it's because he's the SAME GUY who launched an 80-foot desperation shot last season during a Texas game, with 11 seconds still on the clock. Check out the shenanigans for yourself below:

Smith's heave might have been an omen last year, as the Huskies went on to win the 2011 NCAA Tournament, but alas they wan't have the same fate this year. The fighting Jim Calhoun's fell to Iowa State in the first round of the tournament, becoming the first team to do so since 1996 to do so.

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