Ubisoft's Fighter Within Gets A New Gameplay Trailer


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The Xbox One will be launching with not one, but two fighting games on November 22. The first is a reboot of Rare's classic fighting game franchise Killer Instinct while the other is a motion controlled fighting game from Ubisoft. Guess which one just got a new trailer today.

If you were hoping for more Killer Instinct, you'll be disappointed to learn that today is all about Ubisoft's Fighter Within. The Xbox One launch title challenges players to control a fighter in the most awkward way possible - with their bodies. Whereas most fighters rely on precise movement and button presses, Fighter Within will be the Wii Boxing of a new generation.

Check it out:

The bizarre thing about Fighter Within is that it features all the crazy acrobatics and move sets of any other fighter. How do you pull them off when you're a lazy gamer that can't even jump a foot off the ground? I'm not really sure as the above trailer is content with just showing us in-game footage, and not how goofy the players will look.

I think it's safe to say that Fighter Within will not be the Dance Central of fighting games. Even if players could do backflips and leg sweeps, you probably wouldn't want to do such things in your living room. Even then, you still might end up accidentally punching your friends in the face.

Fighter Within launches day and date with the Xbox One on November 22.

[Image: ubisoft/YouTube]