Ubisoft Puts Aisha Tyler in Watch Dogs, Kills Her

Ubisoft loves Aisha Tyler. The comedian/actress has hosted the game publisher’s big E3 conferences for two years running, a fact the company joked about in the weeks leading up to this year’s E3. Now, Ubisoft has gone a step closer and put their unofficial spokesperson into one of their games.

A new video released today features Tyler as a character in the upcoming Watch Dogs. The comedian’s in-game persona is pursued by the game’s main character, Aiden Pearce, and then meets an unfortunate end:

As you can see, the video also serves as a warning against walking while talking on a cell phone. Tyler was too distracted discussing futuristic password pills to jump out of the way of the massive garbage truck that was quite obviously the instrument of her assassination.

For those who are curious, the profile of Tyler shown in the video reads:

Tyler, Aisha
Under DedSec surveillance.
Gamer and bourbon enthusiast.
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Talk Show Host, Author
Income: $4,294,967,200

$4.2 billion? The CW might be overpaying a bit for Whose Line.

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