Tyler, The Creator Arrested At SXSW, Posts $25K Bail

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Tyler, The Creator was arrested this past weekend after encouraging fans to push past security to get into his full-capacity SXSW show in Austin. The Hollywood Reporter has the police report which claims: "The subject encouraged a large crowd on more than one occasion to force themselves past venue employees controlling access at the venue which was already at full capacity."

The police video shows scores of fans rushing to enter the venue, and Tyler yelling to "just run in right now, do it, let's go." The crowd pushed past employees working at the door, creating an "immediate danger of injury to persons." He was charged with a Riot-Class A Misdemeanor, which carries a $25,000 bond.

His jail-time was short-lived, however; Tyler secured the $25,000 bond on Saturday, letting the rapper free and on to play a sold-out show at the Dallas House of Blues that night.

Tyler, The Creator had already had a drama-filled week at Austin's South By Southwest music festival, after he had to cancel a show early Thursday morning after a drunk driving incident. A motorist stopped for a possible DUI sped away from police and drove the wrong way down a one-way street, slamming into a crowd outside of the nightclub Mohawk, where Tyler was scheduled to perform. The driver is faced with two charges of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault. Tyler expressed his grief on his Twitter, and also his aggravation at speculation that his arrest is connected in any way to the drunk driving incident.

Seems like Tyler can't catch a break. Do you think Tyler will return to SXSW after the drama-filled week he's endured?

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