Twitter is Reportedly Trying to Copy Snapchat's Video-Sharing Feature

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Twitter may soon be introducing a new feature to its platform as part of the company’s strategy to boost user growth. The San Francisco-based social media company is reportedly working on a feature that will mimic rival Snapchat making it easier for users to post videos.

The rumored Snapchat-like feature will cut down the number of steps required to open the camera inside the app. Currently, posting a video on the Twitter platform requires users to make several taps on the compose tweet icon before accessing the live button or camera. On the other hand, Snapchat has a more streamline video posting process as users only need to tap or swipe once to access the smartphone’s camera in the app.

Twitter already has a working demo for the upcoming camera-focused update, according to a Bloomberg report citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. However, the same report cautions that since the final design of the new feature is not yet available, the tool may be significantly altered by the time it launches. In fact, the timing of the rumored feature’s release is still uncertain at the moment.

The report also did not specify just how similar Twitter’s new feature will be to the Snapchat app. Snap videos are available only for a very limited period of time but disappearing content may not be suited to its rival’s platform since viral videos are a big part of the Twitter culture.

This new Snapchat-like feature is definitely in line with Twitter’s efforts to improve user experience on the platform. For instance, the company recently doubled its character limit and also added a threading feature allowing users to post multiple consecutive tweets.

At the moment, Twitter has declined to comment on the matter.

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