Twitter Is The Perfect Drug

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We all have our addictions. Some people are addicted to smoking, whereas others are addicted to cartoons about miniature ponies. It turns out that social networking can be just as addictive, especially Twitter. The need to get that 140 character fix is all consuming for some users of the service.

In this new infographic from the minds at OnlineSchools, they chart the different levels of addiction found in Twitter users. For instance, there is research that shows Twitter may be more addicting than the addictions listed above and then some. The other things that Twitter may be more addictive then include drinking, caffeine, sex and sleep.

To put this further into perspective, the infographic cites a 2010 study that challenged college students to go 24 hours without using social networking. While the study was just based around social networking and some of those students may have been exclusively Facebook users, it still stands to reason that Twitter can be counted. After the 24 hours, the students described their experience with horrible words like, "addiction" and "failure."

At least this addiction is mostly relegated to educated America with the majority of Twitter users coming from those who are still in college or at least have had some college education. Unfortunately, a large portion of Twitter users are still in high school which leads to trending topics that make you wonder if you want to live on this planet anymore.

Check out the full infographic for all this info and more. It's fascinating to see the amount of things that came along with the Internet that are now considered addictions.

Courtesy of: Online Schools

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