Twitter For iOS Getting A Major Overhaul With iOS 6

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It's often been said that Twitter and the iPhone are kind of like peanut butter and chocolate: two great things that weren't made for each other, but go together so well that you'd almost think they were. That's due in large part to the plethora of quality Twitter clients available for the iPhone in the iOS App Store. As a company, however, Twitter has a somewhat storied history with these apps, having drawn criticism in the past for moves that appear designed to let Twitter muscle its way into the mobile app market at the expense of the developers who put the social network on the map in the first place.

Some of that criticism has centered on the lack of certain features in Twitter's two official apps – Twitter and Tweetdeck. While Tweetdeck has long been the go-to app for Twitter power users, the app has gone downhill in a big way since being acquired by Twitter last year. These days Tweetdeck is basically abandonware, while the official Twitter app lacks many of the features that made Tweetdeck so popular.

Now, though, it looks like that may be about to change. According to 9to5Mac, the iOS App Store in the latest version of the iOS 6 beta includes release notes for Twitter for iPhone 4.3, which brings with it several new features that users have been wanting. While none of the updates are what you might think of as power-user friendly, they are pretty impressive nonetheless, and bring some of the best features from other Twitter clients into the official iOS app.

When Twitter 4.3 hits the App Store it will include the ability to view certain kinds of content – pictures, videos, etc. - from “partner websites” right inside a tweet. Much like the way you can see Instagram photos or YouTube videos when you click on a person's tweet on the web interface, you'll be able to see such content in the Twitter app as well. There are also improvements to the way Twitter handles the information coming out of major events. For certain kinds of events Twitter will curate the tweets about it and show users the most important and relevant information. It also includes significant updates to the app's handling of push notifications, the ability to personalize trends, the ability to tap a user's avatar and be taken to their profile, as well as various bug fixes and performance improvements. It also includes Hungarian language support.

9to5Mac got some screencaps of the release notes. You can see them below. All in all, the updates look pretty impressive. It remains to be seen, though, whether the new Twitter for iOS will be enough of an improvement to draw people away from their preferred Twitter client.

Twitter for iOS 4.3 Changelog

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