Twitter Finally Launches Native Windows 8 App

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After promising Windows 8 users that a native app was on the way, Twitter has finally delivered. Twitter for Windows 8 has just hit the Windows Store.

Twitter first announced that they were working on an app for Windows 8 back in October 2012, saying that Windows 8 "needs a great Twitter app." Twitter, who is all about user consistency and uniform experience, simply couldn't let the Windows 8 experience on Twitter be controlled by a handful of third-party apps.

Twitter for Windows 8 features many of the things that will make it familiar to Twitter users (of any kind), like the home, connect, discover, and me tabs. But it also sports some app-specific features that makes it a truly Windows 8 experience. For instance, the app has a snap view, which lets users adjust the size of the app and run other apps beside it.

The app also has landscape view for photos and two new charms, share and search, which let users tweet and search from any app, respectively.

And as you might expect, there are also Twitter live tiles and notifications which will display no matter which app is running at the time.

"Twitter for Windows 8 brings you all the design, features and functionality of Twitter combined with the fast and fluid technology of Windows 8," says Twitter.

Twitter for Windows 8 is now available in 22 languages.

Josh Wolford
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