Twitter Expands Geo-Targeting Options for Promoted Tweets

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Back in July, Twitter began to allow promoted tweets to be targeted by location. The geo-specific ads were dubbed 'targeted tweets" by Twitter, and allowed brands to reach specific audiences without first sending a tweets to every single one of their followers. The feature was first tested with big name advertisers like Coca-Cola and Wendy's but is now currently available to anyone who would have reason to promote a tweets (or an account).

Today, Twitter is expanding geo-targeted tweets to reach specific markets in the UK and Japan. Now, advertisers will have a few more options when they want to get location specific.

The new areas include UK regions and major metropolitan areas, Japanese locations like the Tokyo region, Osaka, and Nagoya, as well as a few more U.S. states.

Here's what targeted tweets product manager April Underwood had to say on the Twitter ad blog:

You will be able to make use of these new geo-targeting options in conjunction with targeted Tweets. This combination will enable you to deliver Promoted Tweets tailored to regional audiences. For example, retailers can use Promoted Tweets to promote distinct offers to users in Manchester and London, or a US statewide political campaign could focus its Promoted Accounts campaigns precisely where a candidate is running for office.

In short, as marketers, you will reach the users you’re seeking more easily, in real time, and users will see more relevant, useful Promoted Tweets and Accounts in their Twitter web and mobile apps.

As Twitter expands their local targeting options, it just proves how committed they are to their advertising strategy. They've also been making some tweaks to their self-service ad platform, like the recent addition of account reporting and the ability for marketers to manually choose which tweets to promote.

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