Twitter Ban Struck Down By Turkish Court


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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the world would "witness the power of the Turkish Republic.”

Now it is Erdogan who is witnessing the power of the Turkish court system.

On Wednesday, a Turkish court ordered the lifting of the Twitter ban imposed last week. Erdogan pushed for the social media ban following the spread of recordings that many consider valid evidence of the prime minister's corrupt behaviors.

Turkey had moved to strengthen the block in recent days as millions found ways around the initial ban.

The Twitter ban is expected to be lifted for all citizens shortly.

Erdogan has been at war with websites and social media for months now, recently doubling down on his efforts with blocking Twitter.

Despite claims to the contrary, it is clear to onlookers Erdogan is desperate to stop the spread of damning video and audio that shows him interfering with businesses, court cases, etc.

Rather than face the music or work out some kind of refuting evidence, Erdogan thought he could simply silence citizens by cutting off access to social media.

As the Turkish prime minister and his cohorts are learning, the internet doesn't work that way and neither does the court system.

Erdogan's government has been vehemently protested for its corruption and attempts to suppress the freedoms of Turkish citizens.

With elections approaching, it may be possible that the accusations spreading quickly around the world may factor into Erdogan's future as prime minister. This would explain his actions towards social media despite embracing other technologies.

However, nothing can justify a politician trying to hinder the internet access of millions of people in an effort to not look bad.

Erdogan now looks bad on a global scale...and much of it is his own doing.

What's next for Erdogan with the court overturning the Twitter ban? He may try and find another way to make it happen yet again.

Unless of course he decides to make Instagram the next target of his rage.

Image via YouTube