Twitter Ads Move to Detroit: GM, Ford, & Chrysler Get New Neighbors


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The Contra Costa Times reports that Twitter is setting up a new advertising office in Detroit. There's no doubt as to the reason for the addition; to get close to the advertising budgets of the big 3 auto makers. Promoted tweets are the next big thing and Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler can only benefit from the coverage.

Social network marketing is vital to the success of the big 3, if you remember, Ford was one of the first to jump on Facebook's high-dollar log-off ads. The city of Detroit has a less than booming economy, but there's still gold there from the automakers.

The addition of Twitter comes at a time when the city has just decided to raise corporate income taxes. In fact, the city council approved a measure to double the tax from 1% to 2 in order to generate more revenue.

Still, it's good news for a city who has been facing huge job loss, rising crime rates, and bankruptcy for decades. Profits for the big 3 have also been on the rise in recent years. Perhaps a presence from Twitter will also spur the local economy. You can read more about the addition of Twitter in Detroit by following the Contra Costa Times link.