Twinkies Return, Along With HoHos and Ding Dongs


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Last year Hostess Brands, Inc. went bankrupt, shutting down all of its factories. Fans of snack treats such as Twinkies and HoHos were dismayed as the cakes left store shelves. Now it appears that collectors who hoarded boxes of Twinkies in the hope that the treats would become rare could be out of luck.

Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Cup Cakes will be returning to stores this summer. Hostess Brands, LLC, a newly formed company, has announced that it will begin hiring to relaunch two of its bakeries, including a Hostess bakeries in Emporia, Kansas and Columbus, Georgis. The new Hostess was formed by investors who bought the old Hostess' assets during its bankruptcy.

The bakery in Kansas will be hiring 250 employees initially, with 50 more to be added over "the next several years." The Georgia bakery will initially hire 200 employees. Unfortunately for workers, it does not appear that those jobs will be union. A labor dispute was one of the many factors that led to Hostess' bankruptcy last year.

"The city is delighted that the new owners of Hostess Brands are resuming production at the Emporia plant,” said Bobbi Mlynar, the mayor of Emporia. "Making the best snack cakes in the world is something that Emporia-area workers know how to do well and are eager to resume doing. The plant has been a major employer here for almost 50 years, providing significant support to our economy, as well as being a good corporate citizen in our community. We look forward to the same type of relationship with the new owners."