Turkey Roadside Memorial Denied By Utah

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The Utah Department of Transportation denied PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) permission to put up a roadside memorial for hundreds of turkeys that were killed in a tractor accident that took place last month. However, supporters of animal rights appealed the decision on Monday.

PETA was asking for a sign to be erected on the site of where the accident happened. The trailer truck, which containing over 700 turkeys, crashed on Highway 189 and fell into the Deer Creek Reservoir. The truck’s driver, who was thrown out of the vehicle, survived with injuries, but the hundreds of turkeys on board died.

The sign was supposed to read “In memory of the hundreds of terrified turkeys who died here in a truck crash. Try vegan.”

In a letter addressed to PETA, the Utah Department of Transportation said, “This request does not meet the policy standards for roadside memorial signs and UDOT will not make an exception to the policy in this case.”

UDOT policy states that memorial signs can be erected for road accident victims in order for friends and family to express their grief, but this case is different, as the turkeys that died do not have living relatives who will grieve for them.

Amy Meyer, a staff for PETA, said that the turkeys also felt pain during the incident, and that they deserve to be treated just like people who have died in road accidents.

PETAs goal is to remind drivers to drive with care, especially those who are transporting hundreds of animals.

This is not the first time PETA has filed for the erection of memorials for animals. The animal support group has also filed roadside memorials for chickens in Georgia, and for cows in New York City. As of writing, none of the requests have been allowed.

PETA has also asked to erect a memorial for fish

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