Trygger’s iPhone Case Adds Filter to Camera

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It was recently reported that the iPhone beat out Sony in the camera market for the first time, as more and more users are plainly taking pictures with their mobile devices, rather than investing in a standard camera. And cameras on smartphones have become fairly legitimate - Nokia's 808 PureView takes 38-megapixel photos, a higher resolution than the Nikon D800, which comes in at 36.3. Still, a cellphone camera has yet to come close to a standard DSLR when it comes to manual control and features, no matter how many Hipstamatic filters a user tries to degrade their image with.

Now Trygger, a company currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to fund their project, is offering a new iPhone case that features a built-in polarizing filter, that slides over the camera when needed. The case is similar in form to an Otterbox, and fits tightly over the phone, as opposed to some other lens-enhancing cases for the device, which ad bulk. Below is the Kickstarter clip:

Polarizing lens filters work to cut glare and unwanted reflections, thus capturing photos in a more natural light. Below is a before and after screenshot:


The Trygger case comes in various colors, and retails for $49.95. Those who support the project in Kickstarter can get an early-bird special for $35.

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