Trista Sutter On Jay Leno's 'Bachelorette' Tale

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Trista Sutter reacted this weekend to a story Jay Leno shared with Craig Ferguson during the final episode of the Late Late Show last Friday.

Craig Ferguson mentioned to Jay Leno how exhausting it was to entertain the many celebrity guests he met throughout the years. Leno remarked that sometimes the people he had to interview were boring.

"The classic example is I had one of these reality stars on... Trista!" Leno recalled of the first-ever Bachelorette, who first rose to fame back in 2003. "From one of these Bachelorettes... So, I'm sitting and I'm looking at the side of her head. I couldn't be less interested. I've never seen this stupid reality show--you know what it was."

Jay Leno continued, saying that once the interview was over, he ran into Trista Sutter in the parking lot.

"She goes, 'Hey, can I have a picture?'" the former Tonight Show host said. "And I go, 'Sure, what's your name?'"

Trista Sutter reacted to Jay Leno's story via Twitter.

Trista Sutter is the author of Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart.

What do you suppose Jay Leno would have to say had he interviewed the former Bachelorette about her book? That might not have been nearly as humorous an anecdote--or it would have fallen at the very top of that 'boring' list--probably even higher than some of those guests he interviewed throughout the years.

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