Trista Sutter Has New Boobs, And She's Proud Of Them

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Trista Sutter, best known for finding love on "The Bachelorette" in 2003, decided to have plastic surgery recently to lift her breasts and fix a droopy eyelid, and she's showing off her new body in a recent issue of Life & Style Magazine.

“After nursing both my kids for a year each, my boobs were deflated. And I had a droopy eye. It was something that I noticed in every picture I’ve ever taken," she said.

Sutter, who is still with husband Ryan--whom she met on the show--says she needed to have the surgery in order to feel better about herself, and that Ryan was very supportive of her decision. So she underwent a blepharoplasty--a procedure to lift both eyelids--and a breast lift and augmentation which added a cup size.

“I realized that the surgery was something I had to do for myself, just for my own self-confidence and to feel good again about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband…I wanted to feel pretty again -- and I do!” the reality star said.


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