TripAdvisor and Facebook Team Up to Help You Plan the Trip of Your Dreams

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TripAdvisor has been teaming up with Facebook to help millions of travelers plan the best trip of their life by featuring recommendations from their FB friends.

The decision was based off of a Nielsen research study,"U.S. Advertising Spend and Effectiveness," which found that recommendations from "personal acquaintances was cited as the most trusted form of advertisement by U.S. Internet consumers (76%). Forty-nine percent said they trusted consumer opinions posted online." This makes a lot of sense. If you know that you like a lot of the same things as your bingo buddy Sally, then you are more likely to purchase the same Sandals resort package in Jamaica that she did versus what some stranger suggests.

TripAdvisor launched its Trip Friends product in June 2010. The places that a user's friends and associates have been is highlighted on the Cities I've Visited Facebook app. They can also see this information on the FB Timeline. People can also view hotels that their FB friends have rated on TripAdvisor and they are listed first in the company's hotel rankings section. This was made possible through the travel site's continued integration with Facebook.

Adam Medros, vice president of global product for TripAdvisor stated in a recent press release that "we are excited that 100 million travelers have had a personalized experienced on TripAdvisor, making TripAdvisor the world's best site to plan a trip using the wisdom of your friends." He went on to explain that "providing travelers with a social trip planning experience will continue to be a strategic focus at TripAdvisor, and we look forward to having even more travelers see their friends' travel recommendations on TripAdvisor."

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