Travel To Coldharbour In Latest Elder Scrolls Online Trailer


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With Skyrim officially wrapped up, players might find themselves yearning for more adventures in Tamriel sooner rather than later. The Elder Scrolls Online might just scratch that particular itch when it launches later this year.

in the latest trailer for the MMO, the game's producers reveal that the Daedric Lord Molag Bal is the key antagonist throughout the game's main storyline. In fact, he steals the player's character's soul at the beginning, and players must fight to get it back. The quest will see players traveling to Coldharbour - the oblivion plane belonging to Molag Bal.

All of this certainly looks nice, but the real challenge will be convincing fans of Bethesda's sprawling first-person RPGs to give The Elder Scrolls Online a shot. MMOs, especially those that are subscription based, are not exactly in vogue anymore. Still, Besthesda and Zenimax Online could knock it out of the park by creating an MMO that can last more than a few months before going free-to-play.

We'll probably get a firm release date at E3, but The Elder Scrolls Online is still set for launch later this year.