Tracee Ellis Ross Pokes Fun At All-White Nominees For 2016 Oscars

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Black-ish actors Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson poked fun at the Oscars after the award-giving failed to include a single black actor in the list of nominees.

Ross attended the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday evening, and while doing her task as the night’s presenter, she addressed the #OscarsSoWhite issue in a clever way.

In an attempt to encourage the nominees, Anderson pointed out that most actors who win a Critics’ Choice Award are likely to win Oscars. Tracee Ellis Ross then remarked, “Yes that's true, so if you're nominated tonight, give yourself a round of applause. You could go on to win an Oscar.”

Taking a jab at the Oscars all-white nominees, Anderson joked that only half of Ross could attend the awards night.

Realizing that the audience did not get what they were saying, Ross explained that she is mixed, “Yes, you didn't get that. I'm mixed.”

#OscarsSoWhite became a trending topic in Hollywood recently as a reaction to the Academy’s infamous lack of diversity. Other artists have also given their two cents on the issue. Jada Pinkett-Smith called on to people of color to boycott the Oscars, saying they should “refrain from participating altogether.”

Gina Rodriguez lamented that the Academy’s board is “not as diverse as reflected in today's society.”

Ross reportedly stated that she “wasn’t planning on going anyway” but also made it clear that the ceremony does not apply to her, as she was not in any film this year.

However, not all black actresses agree with Tracee Ellis Ross. Niecy Nash believes that snubbing the 88th Academy Awards is not a smart solution and that everyone should just focus on moving forward. “We have this awareness and this spotlight – we've got to look at other work. There's other work out there that I think was missed. We've just got to do better,” Nash commented.

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