Toyota Recall: Are Spiders Really to Blame ?

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Toyota has issued an official recall for approximately 803,000 vehicles. The recall is specifically for the 2012 and 2013 models of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Camry, Avalon Hybrid, Avalon, and Venza cars sold in the United States. The problem areas are within the housing unit for the air-conditioning. The condenser often leaks water that drips down through the housing and on the control module for the airbag. This moisture may cause the airbag to short circuit. If this occurs the warning lights will turn on and the airbag with deploy or become disabled.

Toyota has stated that, in "limited instances," the power steering system will not work either. This is extremely hazardous because it will cause a forceful effort to turn the steering wheel without the power steering system working properly.

Toyota owners are able to bring their cars in to Toyota dealerships. Expect the mechanic to seal and put in a new cover for the unit that houses the air conditioning condenser. The repair work is free and will remedy the problems regarding the recall. Contacting local dealerships before visiting. Due to the overwhelming number of vehicles affected some dealerships are not doing repairs until next month. Contact the customer service department with Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331 for additional help.

Spiders are also being blamed for the Toyota Recall. Spiders are making their way into the drainage tube that leads from the air conditioning condenser. The blockage from the spider allows water to leak onto the airbag which results in the air bag malfunctioning.


Toyota has issued the recall even though the NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was not opened at the time due to the Government Shutdown.

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