Toyota Building Multi-Billion Dollar Battery Plant in North Carolina

Toyota is ramping up its electric vehicle (EV) battery production with plans to build a multi-billion dollar plant in North Carolina.

Despite helping to create the market for hybrid vehicles, Toyota has been noticeably behind other manufacturers in committing to an all-electric lineup. In fact, the automaker has even been accused of working to delay climate legislation and opposes a fast transition to all-electric vehicles.

Whatever the company’s plans, it appears to be investing more in EV battery production, building a North Carolina plant that will be operational by 2025, according to Raleigh’s The News & Observer.

“North Carolina’s economic story — from the Wright brothers first in flight, to life-saving medicines at Research Triangle Park — we have been a state of firsts, partnering with industries to develop new ideas that really do change people’s lives,” said Gov. Roy Cooper.

The plant will eventually account for 1,750 jobs in 2029, with a minimum average salary of $62,234.

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