Touch Friendly Firefox For Windows 8 Now Available

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Mozilla was one of the first browser vendors to announce support for Windows 8 in March of last year. At that time, the company said it would be take advantage of the Metro UI to create a touch-enabled version of the popular Web browser that conformed to Microsoft's Metro design principles. It's been almost a year since then, and Metro Firefox is finally out in Firefox Nightly.

Mozilla announced via Twitter today that a Windows 8 Metro UI version of Firefox is now available in the Nightly distribution. Firefox Nightly is the highly experimental version of Firefox so expect a few bugs.

If you don't want to take on Firefox Nightly, you can check out some screenshots of Mozilla's preliminary work in Metro-fying Firefox here:

Firefox Windows 8 Touch Friendly

Touch Friendly Firefox For Windows 8 Now Available

The design being used here is the similar to the UI currently used by Firefox for Android. There are a few Metro-ifications on display here, however, that I hope make their way into Firefox for Android at some point. Most noticeably, the bookmarks display in the Windows 8 version of Firefox is far superior to the simplistic drop down list on Android. Good thing somebody at Mozilla is already working on something like that.

[h/t: CNET]